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1. The Health Care Crisis : Why Essential Oils + Why doTERRA 

More and more people are experiencing moments with their own personal health and the health care system, where they are asking themselves "Isn't there a better way?" Isn't there something safer, more effective and more affordable? 

This has created one of the largest movements of people searching for companies and people who can educate them about how to be empowered with natural solutions an dwhy over the last 10 years doTERRA has experienced incredible growth. doTERRA focusees on empowering people all over the world with the knowledge and tools to take back control and the feeling of empowerment is creating a whole new generation of people who want to share that same empowerment with others

2. People are waking up and realizing they want to break out of the rat race! 

The idea that you can work 40 hours a week for 40 years and retire on 40% of your income is now a fleeting after thought.

Now if you want to retire it's up to you and if you want to create a life of freedom, impact and financial independence, it's up to you.

Building a business with very little start up costs, the ability to positively impact people and create freedom are requirements that new age entrepreneurs are searching for.

3. Build A Residual Income. Work Smarter, Earn More & Make A Greater Impact With doTERRA. 

Very different than most companies in this industry, doTERRA's whole business model is focus around the oils.  Educating and empowering people with the oils.  Because of this the retention rate of customers is 65%-85% versus the industry standard of 10%-15%

In Fact 80% of doTERRA's customer base (over 7 million people) just want to use the oils.

This creates stability and long term residual income.  doTERRA is also 100% debt free and instead of following the traditional route of car programs and flashy checks has a goal to be known for helping people become "debt free"


Create a holistic wellness path for your highest good!

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